What is Ingenium?

The word engineer is derived from the Latin words ingeniare (“to contrive, devise”) and ingenium (“cleverness”). As students and engineers – we want to give you a space to be yourselves, share your experiences and learn from one another. We hope that this blog inspires you and provides a window into all the opportunities and resources that are available to you as a Texas A&M Engineering student.

Why You Can Afford to Go Abroad

I can say with certainty that going on a reciprocal educational exchange program early in my academic program was the most important experience I have had. I chose to write this blog to share how you can afford to go abroad, and why you need to go now.

Retracing our Roots: An OCEN Study Abroad Experience

There are things in this life that cannot be learned by opening a book, nor by sitting in a lecture hall filled with 100 of your closest friends. It is for this reason that study abroad provides a whole new take on what Texas A&M University can offer to its students by taking us out of our comfort zones.