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The Science of Art

Ever since I could pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, I have been creating art as a way to decompress from stringent academic days or just stressful social situations. Art has never failed to be a stress reliever and, moreover, a way for me to sort out my emotions.

How To Get a 4.0, Have a Social Life, and Get Tons of Sleep (Yes, It’s Possible!)

I spent most of my first two years at Texas A&M stressing over my classes and the size of my social circle, often getting a maximum of four hours of sleep per night (I honestly couldn’t tell how I survived that time). Though I got perfect grades and met tons of people, I was skipping my 8 a.m.’s and falling asleep in the classes I did attend. Worst of all, I felt depressed and lethargic. That’s when I knew I had to change. Surprisingly, all it took was a few simple actions.

What is Zachry Leadership Program?

As a current member of the Zachry Leadership Program, I can confidently testify that being part of this program has been the most transformative experience of my college career.

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